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River Moon Coffee™

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Awaken to pleasure.

In Greek mythology, Hemera was the personification of day and brightened the dark with her morning greeting over the Earth. Every day, she would pull back the dark curtains of Erebos, and let the light of her brother, Aether shine through.

Inspired by such a grand awakening, our Hemera Light Roast is high in caffeine, a great kickstart for those early mornings, and features notes that blend perfectly with any breakfast -- cinnamon, citrus, and chocolate.

This coffee blend combines an equal amount of beans from Central America and South America.

We hope you enjoy the dazzling beauty and brilliance of this blend, cup after cup.

Café Imports, our primary green coffee broker, is certified under the Non-GMO Verify Project to be a non-GMO food. They have indicated that, “…like the Non-GMO Verify Project, we believe that the integrity of our diverse genetic inheritance is essential to human and environmental health and ecological harmony.” Café Imports’ commitment to River Moon is to never work with GMO coffee in an effort to help maintain the integrity and consumer clarity of a product we all care for so much. 

Click here to view and download Café Imports’ Non-GMO Project verified certificate.

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