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River Moon Coffee™

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by Nature’s International Certification Services.


Awaken to pleasure.

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life, the Mother Earth goddess. She was one of the primal elements who first emerged at the dawn of creation along with air, sea and sky.

As the inspiration for our medium roast, Gaia is a perfectly balanced and tempered coffee for all occasions with flavor notes that suggest soft nuttiness, with caramel and earth overtones.

This worldly blend is the perfect proportion of beans from Brazil, Central American and Indonesia.

Each cup of Gaia promises to bring your senses to life.

Café Imports, our primary green coffee broker, is certified under the Non-GMO Verify Project to be a non-GMO food. They have indicated that, “…like the Non-GMO Verify Project, we believe that the integrity of our diverse genetic inheritance is essential to human and environmental health and ecological harmony.” Café Imports’ commitment to River Moon is to never work with GMO coffee in an effort to help maintain the integrity and consumer clarity of a product we all care for so much. 

Click here to view and download Café Imports’ Non-GMO Project verified certificate.

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