River Moon Coffee


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The Ascend Blend, our medium customized roast, was created for Matthew Belair author, speaker and conscious thought leader to inspire the intentions of conscious creators. 

It has wild, fruity and bright highlights. This customized Papua New Guinea Direct Trade Relationship coffee was birthed with Matt through our partnership with a bush pilot! The result? Beans sourced directly from tribal chiefs in Papua New Guinea in exchange for medical care for the tribe’s people. Another result?  Alchemy—and a truly delectable, deep earthy richness—and an experience of delicious giving you won’t find anywhere else.

With each cup you pour of this natural and sustainably sourced coffee, please take a moment to connect with yourself, what you are grateful for and set your intentions of conscious creation while remembering...where you put your attention, you put your energy and your morning cup of coffee can become your ritual for remembering who you are, why you're here and what you want to co-create for the day.

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