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Secure competitive pricing, service, equipment and...of course, consciously sourced, artisan roasted coffee you will love through our wholesale program. 

Our secret? Conscious sourcing and high-touch customer support.

We are fully committed to roasting the best-tasting coffee possible! Perhaps this is why we have become one of the fastest growing coffee roasting companies around. Our wholesale account program is available to any size coffee shop (kiosk), diner, restaurant, or small business. 

Coffee is at its best only when delivered fast and fresh. This is true not only for the coffee lover, but for the merchant as well. To stay true to its promise, River Moon Coffee Roasting Company provides wholesale customers with a full complement of service features:

  • Prompt turnaround on all your coffee orders

  • Competitive pricing

  • Prompt, personal support

  • Service and equipment

Call us at (651) 955-9207 or send us an email at info@rivermooncoffee.com