Three Inspirations

Three Inspirations

by Juanita Schodde | 2017

Three inspirations with Holly, founder of Sacred Heart Ascension.

J: Holly, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you in California recently and learn of our mutual love of the divine feminine. Since meeting you, I’ve really been inspired by how you have embraced River Moon’s Signature Goddess Coffee Blends into your goddess retreats offered through your company Sacred Heart Ascension.

Tell us what inspired you to focus on the divine feminine and on our Gaia Blend?

H: I have a practice helping people work through deep issues using ancient techniques passed down from the lineage of the Quero shamans. The shamanic arts are a form of feminine healing because it works on creating our destiny by clearing the past, like a rebirth. It also nurtures the soul and spirit so we can become whole again. To me, it is the mother of all healing and this is what hooked me on the Gaia Blend. Not only is Gaia deliciously satisfying, it has a deep richness that, to me along with the name, represents our Divine Mother, our Planet Earth and all she has to offer us. I feel a very deep connection to all living things, all life and the magic that it holds. I believe that when we nurture what is around us, it is giving back to our Divine Mother or Pachamama. As we recognize this, we embrace the divine feminine in all of use. And, of course, this Gaia Blend discovery comes from hearing about the Fade to Black Blend on Fade to Black radio, which also has a nurturing aspect of opening our minds and satisfying our curiosities.

J: Share with us what inspired you to create Sacred Heart Ascension.

H: Juanita, unfortunately I grew up very ill. I was always sick and later I suffered clinical depression. I was a typical young adult on anti-depressants and they weren’t helping. I was turned on to a “shamanic practitioner” and to be honest, I had never even heard of a “shaman” before but I was desperate. I started receiving clearing sessions and eventually, I took shamanic training. I realized that I was actually changing my outcome by dealing with the past on a very deep and multi-dimensional level. I came to realize that when we close our eyes that are ruled by our ego and open our eyes that see through the heart, we begin the enlightenment or ascension process. Through this process, I began to understand the true meaning of unconditional love and how empowering and sacred it is. I became inspired to show people that we can truly heal by loving ourselves, changing our beliefs and following our heart. I am passionate to help people work through their trauma and take back their power, something Western medicine and pills cannot do. As of now 1 out of 6 Americans are on dangerous pharmaceuticals for anti-depression and anxiety. By literally clearing the energy field and bringing back lost soul pieces we can work through these issues and thrive. I am living proof and there are others like me, taking the same route of self-empowerment, accountability, love and forgiveness.

J: Do you have any upcoming inspirational retreats or events focused on the divine feminine?

H: Yes! I am co-facilitating Divine Feminine Goddess Retreats with Laurie McDonald and our next retreat is in Mt. Shasta, CA this July 2017. We just wrapped up our Kona, HI retreat in March. We have big plans to take our retreats around the world. Laurie McDonald and I bring the best of our modalities and material together forming workshops, practicums and energy work to allow women to work through their shadows and step into their light and shine. Our work can get very intense but we create results and hold each woman in compassion. As of now, we are keeping our retreats small so we can provide one on one support as needed. As we grow, we will bring in more teachers for support.

J: Are there any plans for the offerings of Sacred Heart Ascension and River Moon Coffee to synergistically inspire more divine feminine energy in the world?

H: Our retreats would not be as decadent without waking up to a fresh cup of Gaia Blend every morning! The women, especially the women who find us on Fade to Black radio, love that we serve a boutique coffee that is crafted to perfection. We will be serving Gaia Blend in Mt. Shasta and our future retreats. Featuring your coffee created a lot of excitement. I also raffled off the Gaia and Fade to Black blend at a small conference I held in November to help fund it and I had people buying raffle tickets all the way in Colorado! River Moon Coffee tastes great but there is something deeper held within the coffee, I believe it is the love and passion that you and Geoff put into the process. It feels like it is more of an art than a job and that artistic creation also holds the divine feminine energy.

J: Where can I learn more about you and about Sacred Heart Ascension?


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