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Coffee Collections
by Cecelia Schodde | 2017
Image by Jennifer Cress | 2015
Coffee collections with Juanita, co-founder and co-owner of River Moon Coffee Roasting Company.
C: Juanita, what collections is River Moon Coffee Roasting Company currently offering? 
J: We are currently offering Goddess Blends, Single Origins, and Private Blends. Our unique coffees are available for retail or wholesale. We also offer custom blends with custom labeling. We are currently collaborating with Bell Lap Coffee! For wholesale inquiries, please call us at 651-955-9207.
C: Tell us about those collections.
J: Our signature Goddess Blends are inspired by powerful goddesses – and powerfully good taste. Visit the links below to learn more about this collection:
Our Single Origins include:
Our Private Blends include:
The Fade to Black Blend, our darkest customized roast, was created for the love of Jimmy Church, Rita Kumuryan and the Jimmy Church Radio Fadernauts.
C: How do you shop those collections?
C: What else is River Moon Coffee Roasting Company offering? 
J: We've been so busy and we love it! Along with our globally-sourced artisan shade-grown, high-altitude coffee beans, we offer private labeling, toll roasting, and fundraising
C: What's hot right now at River Moon Coffee Roasting Company?
J: It is our Heaven on Earth Nitro Coffee! 
C: What is nitro coffee? 
J: It's coffee that's been infused with nitrogen gas. Coffee lovers say that our Heaven on Earth Nitro Coffee is creamier and richer than straight up iced coffee. Some say it also tastes sweeter than the average cold brew.
C: Where can I learn more about River Moon Coffee Roasting Company? 
Or...Get in touch! We're nice! Let's talk.
Our hours may vary. Please give us a call before stopping by (651) 955-9207.

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