An App for Gifting Coffee and More Deliciousness

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An App for Gifting Coffee and More Deliciousness by Juanita Schodde | 2017

An app for gifting coffee and more deliciousness with Lori Konsker, creator of viigii (virtual gifting).

J: Lori, it has been truly inspiring to learn more about how you are bringing the art of gifting into the virtual world through the creation and implementation of viigii. Our time together bringing the ease and functionality of viigii to River Moon’s virtual customers has been an exchange of delivering the best customer service. As a creator, your demonstration of creativity aligns with a core value of River Moon Coffee Roasting Company.

J: Tell us what inspired the passion behind your creation of viigii?

L:  The truth? Simply not being able to get a gift out on time…EVER!

I consider myself an overachiever. I wear many hats. I am a mom of 3, a wife of 23 years, on boards of non-profit organizations, play in a tennis league, manage business offices, volunteer responsibilities…and all the details that come with these commitments require my undivided attention. There are not enough hours in a day. I have managed to juggle these responsibilities quite successfully.

During a normal typical calendar year, there are many special holidays and occasions. In my life, I found special celebrations and occasions to be endless. Gift giving was constant. I found myself shipping online more often, and each time I purchased a gift I was paying huge shipping fees for a guaranteed 2nd day and overnighting shipping. I needed the gift on time for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a nephew’s birthday. Regardless of the special occasion, I was late every time. I am a thoughtful gift giver, and it didn’t make sense that I could buy a gift online in a matter of minutes, yet shipping couldn’t keep up with my pace.

Gift giving became stressful. Once I began abandoning carts I knew there was a problem with the system. I was living in a digital age and the shipping process was antiquated. There had to be a better way.  So out of pure frustration, I came up with viigii (virtual gifting). It seemed so easy, so logical. It made sense. 

There were the mom and pop shops (not necessarily with Amazon) who would benefit from this app. Their customers should be offered gifting options. I was so passionate about this idea I went for it. I knew there was a need. There were other people like me who were becoming increasingly frustrated with the gifting experience. I basically built something I desperately needed and wanted to use.

J: Which type of online stores are flocking to viigii?

L:  Most of the stores are retailers who sell trendy fashionable clothes and accessories. This makes sense because a gift giver can’t really go wrong. Yet I am personally reaching out to quality specialty niches now that have a story to tell, and special items that are made with care: coffee (River Moon Coffee), homemade sweet treats, subscription boxes, wine companies and monogramming stores. I am now reaching out to retailers who offer thoughtful gifting items or create special items with a story behind their company. Customers like a story. They want to feel good when giving from retailers who offer thoughtful gifting items, as well.

J: What are your plans for viigii and River Moon Coffee to synergistically inspire the art of gifting further into the virtual world?

L:  River Moon Coffee has taken the first step in separating themselves from the rest right away. Their product is of the highest quality, their story is heartwarming, and they offer the viigii eGifting option at checkout. If viigii could assist in creating a thoughtful memory for the receiver, River Moon may possibly gain a new customer who will do the same when they need a gift. River Moon has the customer in mind every step of the way. I hope to make the idea of gift giving easy. My goal is to have the entire gift-giving process become a seamless process; a win win for everyone involved. River Moon has embraced my app that integrates gifting with the fast-paced digital world. When it comes to gifting, they are thinking outside the box!

J: Where can individuals learn more about you and about viigii? 

L: You can visit any of our social media platforms:




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