Trifecta | River Moon, Goddess Coffee Blends & Julia

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 A Trifecta | River Moon, Goddess Coffee Blends & Julia

by Juanita Schodde | 2017

A coffee break with Julia, Brand Ambassador for River Moon Coffee Roasting Company.

Julia is River Moon Coffee’s new Brand Ambassador. She plays a pivotal role in representing our products and providing information on all of our offerings. Within the Midwest, you may spot Julia and River Moon Coffee at Kowalski’s Markets, Dick’s Fresh Markets and at Spartan Nash’s Family Fresh Markets. We really value Julia’s insight, perspective and focus.

Juanita: What memories does coffee bring to your mind?

Julia: Coffee brings out some of the best memories from my past. Waking up on a chilly Fall morning on a camping trip with my family is what first popped into my head. Bitter coffee made over the fire in a percolator by my dad, to prep us for the outdoorsy activities. I do most things throughout my day with a cup of coffee in my hand. It’s become part of my daily routine when I wake up to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, and if I don’t, I feel as though my day hasn’t truly started. It makes me think of work, always having a cup next to my computer, and also college, where it was more of a necessity than a treat. I have to have coffee everywhere I go, so almost every memory I can call upon, coffee was most likely involved somehow.

Juanita: Tell us about your very first cup of coffee.

Julia: My very first sip of coffee was borderline unbearable if I recall correctly. I was in middle school, way too young to be drinking it, but what made me want to drink it so badly was the fact that my two older sisters were already drinking it. Being the youngest, I tried to copy everything they did. Coffee was terrible! But I was persistent.

I remember putting ridiculous amounts of sugar and sweeteners to make black coffee drinkable, usually ending up with a cup of French Vanilla creamer with a dash of coffee. It wasn’t until High School when I really started to appreciate it. My first job, at the age of 16, was at a coffee shop, but even then I would stick to mochas and lattes, all of the sweeter drinks with espresso. I don’t know if it was with age or just always being in the coffee business, but these days all I ever want is a well-made cup of coffee with a splash of milk. Actually, what I usually drink is a Café Au Lait. But I firmly believe that if coffee is sourced and roasted correctly no additives are necessary.

Juanita: And can you describe your ideal setting for a cup coffee?

Julia: My ideal setting for a cup of coffee…. everywhere. I don’t know if there is a time or place where I don’t have a cup of coffee in my hand. I drink it all day! If I had to pick an ideal setting, I would probably say curled up with a blanket on the deck, watching the sunrise. Ideal setting #2 would most likely be eating apple pie and ice cream with a cup of coffee. To me, coffee with dessert is the best part.

Juanita: What enticed you into being a brand ambassador for River Moon Coffee Roasting Company?

Julia: The very first thing that peaked my interest about River Moon Coffee is the artisan Goddess coffee blends. It’s unique and different, not to mention delicious! The first cup of coffee I had by River Moon was the Gaia, which I immediately fell in love with. It’s still my favorite, although I haven’t tried a roast that I haven’t liked. I love that the coffee is globally sourced, and I love that they have the ability to, and also take the time to, customize their blends to a certain audience, whomever that may be.

Juanita and Geoff are full of passion and love for what they do, and that’s what ultimately made this company stand out to me as a fellow coffee lover. I have much to learn from their extensive knowledge on the topics of coffee and business and am grateful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing company!

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