A Custom Soap Made with Coffee and a Private Label

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by Juanita Schodde | 2017

A custom soap made with coffee and a private label with Deborah Russo-Matt, founder of Forever Young.

J: Deborah, it has been truly inspiring to collaborate with you on creating the Moon Goddess Soap with goat’s milk and essential oil almond notes. I continue to be in awe of how your brand’s core values of passion for authentic expression and practice align with those of River Moon Coffee Roasting Company’s.

J: Tell us what inspires the passion behind your brand?

D: The passion behind Forever Young is the love of people.

I have worked in the medical profession and have watched some doctors hand out prescription medications like candy. I was not your "typical" medical practice manager. For example, during the day I greeted each patient as they came in, I asked them how they were doing and was very involved in the follow-up of each office visit. 

What I found was the medications they were prescribed were making them sick, some with side effects that were worse than the condition they were being treated for, others were prescribed medications that contradicted each other! The prescription drugs were making many patients very sick. I didn't feel like I was making a difference in patients’ lives, and to me, that is what anyone who works in the medical field should do! Make a difference! 

I started researching all natural remedies and preventions and my research kept bringing me back to the ingredients I use in every Moon Goddess Soap: coffee, goats milk and essential oils. These all natural ingredients compound the benefits of using this soap.  

Also, I experimented with many inexpensive and expensive coffees and did not feel that I could package them with confidence that the consumer would have all the health benefits I was reading about, then I used River Moon Coffee and it changed my life River Moon Coffee blended perfectly with goat’s milk and essential oils! I thought at first it was a fluke! I had been through 25 different coffees and never had this happen before.

With River Moon Coffee there was no oil rising to the top, no hard flakes of brittle coffee, no cracks, nor breaks! I have made over 200 batches of soap using River Moon Coffee and the results are phenomenal each and every time!

I knew this was the soap that had to be available to the public. I know in my heart that it will make a huge difference in the consumer’s life!

J: Share with us how private labeling the Moon Goddess Soap has supported your brand?

D: The Moon Goddess private label is not just any private label as Moon Goddess and Forever Young were aligned in the Universe before they ever came together. I have never been able to find another in business who cared about quality, honesty, and love, and would not compromise integrity for profits until I started to deal with River Moon Coffee Roasting Company! The private label of the Moon Goddess has helped to develop a brand of soap that can be respected for its quality and its plethora of beauty and health benefits! 

J: Where can I learn more about Forever Young? 

D: You can visit any of our social media platforms:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soapandsudd 

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