A Coffee Relationship

A Coffee Relationship
by Cecelia Schodde | 2017
A coffee relationship with Juanita, co-founder and co-owner of River Moon Coffee Roasting Company.
C: Juanita, what tenets has River Moon Coffee Roasting Company used to establish long-term relationships with its customers? 
J: As a family owned company, River Moon is a brand with heart. We love each other, our lives, our customers, our coffee and our mission. In the spirit of family, River Moon is passionate about supporting and sustaining not only small family coffee growers, we are equally committed to being of service to our family of customers and their communities. 
C: Tell us about these relationships.
J: We have established trusting relationships with entrepreneurs owning boutique coffee cafes, highly curated specialty stores, owner-operated restaurants, specialty grocery stores, and with key contacts in grocery conglomerates and specialty food distribution organizations. We've also sparked some really intriguing relationships working with very gifted creatives through private labeling their brands to increase their revenue streams. These relationships have spread nationwide with our arms outreached to global connections.
We value our existing and our new relationships. Some new relationships within our grocery channel have resulted in placements of our Signature Goddess Coffee Blends housed in our customized displays:
C: Personality plays a strong role in establishing long-term and in building new relationships. Does River Moon Coffee have a personality?

A creative spirit at FireFly 180 described River Moon Coffee as a goddess not bound by the earth, she flows like a river, summoning tidal energy to bridge heaven and humanity. She offers gifts of taste, magic, inspiration, love, creativity, kindness and transformation. She is the great awakener. She is still as a stone, yet as fluid as the wind. She is equal parts calm and consciousness. She is pleasure. She is purpose. She is peace.

C: How can individuals begin a relationship with River Moon Coffee?
J: It's easy! Your first sip will have you committed to a long-term relationship. Ask for us at one of the markets mentioned above or just visit
C: Where can I learn more about River Moon Coffee Roasting Company? 
Or...Get in touch! We're nice! Let's talk.
Our hours may vary. Please give us a call before stopping by (651) 955-9207.

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  • Months ago I had to stop drinking caffeinated coffee because of my esophageal reflux disease and switched to decaf coffee. One day I thought I would try one last time some Gaia River Moon Coffee because I was craving some rich caffeinated coffee. Much to my surprise, I was able to drink the Gaia with absolutely no negative effects to my reflux disease and now I am a loyal customer of this coffee. It’s the ONLY caffeinated coffee I can drink now. I have tried all brands including organic, boutique, you name it, but this is the only one that works for me. For anyone with esophageal reflux disease I would recommend you try the Gaia.
    A truly loyal customer, and I have no issues driving from Lake Elmo, MN to River Falls, WI, just to purchase it.

    a Loyal customer

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