A Coffee Break with our Bush Pilot

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by Kris Woll2015 

For this coffee break, I had a chance to correspond with Butch Herschman. Butch supplies the wild grown green bean Papua New Guinea coffee to River Moon.

K: What memories does the smell of coffee raise for you?

B: When I was a young lad growing up on a Minnesota milk farm I would come in from morning milking to the smell of coffee on our woodstove. I also enjoyed it when lunch was brought out to us in the field, as the hay found its way into the cup.

K: A Minnesota milk farm is long way from coffee fields in Papua New Guinea! How did you find your way into your current work?

B: I was already flying raw gold out of some of the remote villages [in Papua New Guinea] when the government asked me to give air service to villages that grew coffee and didn’t have gold as a resource. I ended up starting a green bean coffee import business. My passion is flying in the bush. I love to be in Papua New Guinea helping the people in the remote villages that have little to no air service.K: What do you hope River Moon coffee drinkers should know about the coffee that you help source?

By drinking our coffee that they are helping a lot of people in Papua New Guinea. The River Moon coffee drinker will be experiencing wild grown coffee, grown without chemicals.

K: How do I drink your coffee? What does drinking coffee do for you?

B: I drink my coffee black because that is the only way you can truly get the flavors that are in the coffee. Sugar and cream are usually used by people that have to mask the bitterness in lower grade coffee. I use a porcelain coffee mug that has been all over the world with me and I never wash it out with soap. I only rinse it with clear water. When I take my first sip in the morning, I slurp it like I am cupping coffee because I want to make sure I taste the sweet beginning, the nutty nugget middle, and the clean finish. I have become to love it for what it does for all of the people that are involved with the process from the remote parts of Papua New Guinea to the River Moon roasters to the consumers.

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